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voyeur cam shows naked girl in her dorm roomBefore she went to college, Brandi’s mom told her to not get hooked up with any frat guys. She told her that for a reason. But Brandi did not see anything wrong with dating a frat guy. To her more good than bad came from dating one. So she went on and hooked up with a guy that was a plead for a frat house. She didn’t know that one of the things that he needed to do before he could be a full member was to install a voyeur cam in a girl’s dorm room so that everyone of the frat members could watch it. The guy gained her trust and she gave him a set of keys to her room so that he could go in anytime he wanted. This was the opportunity he was waiting for. He installed the camera on a wall clock that she had and went to the frat house to wait for the results of a job well done.

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So when her husband’s friend offered to set up a black box, so that they could watch sat. channels for free, she said yes right away. Little did she know that this box came with a little gadget, a small spy cam. With this cam he could remotely watch Nina in her living room from the comfort of his home. All he needed now was a good voyeur show to make his day. And he got it. One day Nina came home from work feeling a bit hornier than usual. While sitting in the living room’s couch she began caressing her legs, lifting her legs up and showing her black panties. That was just the beginning. The show didn’t stopped there.


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